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Quality Policy of LAUAK Group

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

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With significant industrialization capacities, LAUAK Group now counts as a recognized player in large aeronautical contracts (A350 AEROLIA, APF A380 AIRBUS, A320 NEO AIRBUS, Section 3 Falcon 900 and 2000 DASSAULT AVIATION...).



Our capacities

industrialization capacities of LAUAK Group

The LAUAK know-how is one of the Group’s major competitive advantages in the aerospace industry.


Sheet Metal working

The technical division employs 15 preparation specialists and 6 draftsmen.



The technical division consists of 14 people who prepare the technical documents, do the programming on Mastercam, the machining simulations on Vericut and manage the cutting tools.



Our means

Sheet metal working

Programming: Catia stations and viewer, Solidedge stations and CAD/CAM Alma, Amada and Trumpf software for sheet metal working.



Programming : 4 Mastercam X7 stations for milling and Capps station for turn-mill machine programming
Machining simulation: Vericut
Preparation of cutting tools : Gedix management software,  Zoller pre-adjustment bench, Haimer frottage bench


Management of cutting tools

Eskulanak is equipped with the Gedix software for cutting tools to ensure rationalization of tools and reliability with standard interfacing to CAD/CAM, ERP and CNC machines.



Project structure

LAUAK Group has a project team of 3 people whose role is to act as the interface with the internal departments and ensure compliance with the industrialization planning, anticipation of risks and customer communication. 
A PLM initiative is currently underway to cut cycles and industrialization costs.


News 2013

LAUAK Portuguesa celebrates its 10th anniversary LAUAK Portuguesa celebrates its 10th anniversary.


Created in Portugal in 2003, Lauak Portuguesa, the aerospace company which is part of LAUAK Group, celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Lauak Portuguesa boasts leading customers including OGMA, the largest aerospace company in Portugal, EMBRAER, DASSAULT AVIATION and EADS for whom Lauak Portuguesa manufactures and assembles machined detail parts, assemblies and subsets.    

Lauak Portuguesa moved in 2008 to a 11,500 m2 industrial site located in Setubal, 30 km south of Lisbon.



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Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsability

Fully aware of its responsibility towards its customers, suppliers, employees and the community, LAUAK Group has introduced a proactive policy to contribute to sustainable development and improve its performance, economically, socially and environmentally. Details




New contract with Dassault Aviation for LAUAK Group.  Details




Team spirit, initiative and hard work are key values both in the factory and on the sports ground. Details




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Lauak GroupA partner to the major aerospace industry players, LAUAK Group specializes in areas such as fuel tanks, cockpit layout, assembly of heat exchangers and production of parts and subassemblies for the A380 Aft Pylon Fairing (APF).


LAUAK Group continuously adapts to its customers’ needs. We leverage our industrial capacities and skills to provide a proactive assistance in niche sectors such as :


Fuel tanks


Cockpit layout


Aft Pylon fairing APF


Heat exchanger assembly

Products and services

DETAIL parts, subassemblies and aircraft structures 

A first-tier sub-contractor for the aerospace industry, LAUAK Group manufactures detail parts, subassemblies and aircraft structures for the major contractors in the industry.


Our widely recognized know-how and high level of productivity allow us to serve the needs of our customers and assist them in their development. A trusted partner to the major aircraft manufacturers, LAUAK Group has become a first-tier supplier, building on:

  • A vertical integration strategy in the field of light alloys and hard metals to expand our global offer and enhance our skills;
  • An industrial organization based on a performance culture (delivery and quality) and continuous improvement through the implementation of lean manufacturing;
  • With our expertise in sheet metal working, machining, non-destructive testing, welding and structural assembly, we are able to offer our customers a secure supply chain.



Detail parts, subassemblies and aircraft structures: