Aero Engine

LAUAK Group has a dedicated site in complex welded and machined sub-assemblies to helicopters engine and aircraft manufacturers, specialized in hard metal (refractory material, titanium or Inconel)


  • Complex welded and machined parts


turbine                      combustion chamber


Turbine distributor                                         Combustion chamber 


nozzle             dhpsupport


                   Nozzle                                                  DHP support 


LAUAK Group has skills in composite sector in both thermosetting materials and RTM technologies.


CENTRAIR company proposes its know-how in the following areas:


  • floor panel
  • structure parts
  • tubes and pipes
  • electric boxes


The main means of production are ovens, presses, autoclaves (up to 8m long and 3m diameter) and 5-axis CNC machining.



tbm winglet                     air conditionning atr



                                    TBM Winglet                                                                        Air conditioning system – ATR


electric boxes             floor panel


                       Electric boxes – A320                                                                            Floor panel – A330

Hard Metal Sheet Metal, Hot Forming

LAUAK Group invested into two Hot Forming and Super Plastic Forming industrial machines (with a maximum strength of 800 T). Those both technologies allow to manufacture complex parts of shape in titanium with very high mechanical performances for an optimized final part mass.


  • Hot Forming: In heating platens press, deformation by tooling punch / matrix maintained at temperature (600 to 800 °C) compatible with elongations up to 50%.  


  • Super Plastic Forming: On matrices made of refractory alloy, 900°C stamping by “gaseous punch” (Argon inert gas) to form the metal and allow extreme elongations (up to 500%).






Tubes and Pipes

LAUAK Group created a 700 m² Autonomous Production Unit (APU) dedicated to piping with the following technologies:

• Tube bending

• Welding

• Crimping

• Pressure tests 

• CND (penetrant testing, radio)



fuel pipeinconel nai


              Fuel Pipes                                                                    Inconel NAI

welded tube        ramp assembly




               Welded tube                                                                    Ramp assembly 



With significant industrialization capacities, LAUAK Group now counts as a recognized player in large aeronautical contracts.



Our capacities


industrialization capacities of LAUAK Group

The LAUAK know-how is one of the Group’s major competitive advantages in the aerospace industry.



Our means


Sheet metal working

Programming: Catia stations and viewer, Solidedge stations and CAD/CAM Alma, Amada and Trumpf software for sheet metal working.



Programming : 4 Mastercam X7 stations for milling and Capps station for turn-mill machine programming
Machining simulation: Vericut
Preparation of cutting tools : Gedix management software,  Zoller pre-adjustment bench, Haimer frottage bench




Project structure


LAUAK Group has a project team whose role is to act as the interface with the internal departments and ensure compliance with the industrialization planning, anticipation of risks and customer communication. 
A PLM initiative is currently underway to cut cycles and industrialization costs.