Certifications & Approvals

Certifications and approvals


Groupe Lauak conforme Ă  la norme ISO9001 certification EN9100


ISO9001 Certification EN9100

LAUAK Group has introduced a quality management system in compliance with the ISO9001 standard, EN9100 certification. This standard covers the design, production and maintenance of aircraft equipment.


»Download certification EN 9100 LAUAK FRANCE

»Download certification ISO 9001 LAUAK FRANCE

»Download certification EN 9100 LAUAK PORTUGAL

»Download certification ISO 9001 LAUAK PORTUGAL

Accredited NADCAP ContrĂ´le non destructif


NADCAP Certification Non-Destructive Testing

LAUAK Group has the NADCAP certification for the Non Destructive Testing processes.


» Download certification LAUAK FRANCE

» Download certification LAUAK PORTUGAL

Accredited NADCAP Traitement Thermique


NADCAP Heat Treatment 

LAUAK Group has the NADCAP certification for heat treatment.


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Accredited NADCAP soudure


NADCAP Certification Welding   

LAUAK Group has the NADCAP certification for welding.


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Accredited NADCAP Chemical Processing 


LAUAK Group has the NADCAP certification for Chemical Processing.


» Download certification for LAUAK FRANCE

» Download certification for LAUAK PORTUGAL

Certification d’Agrément de production Part 21 sous-partie G du Groupe Lauak



Production Organisation Approval Certification Part21 subpart G.

LAUAK Group is a production organisation approved as per Part 21 subpart G for the production of aircraft elementary parts and assemblies in compliance with the European regulations currently in force. 


» Download approval partie1

» Download approval partie2

miniture ISO 140001

Certification ISO 14001

» Download ISO Certification