Hard Metal Sheet Metal

LAUAK Group specializes in sheet metal working for the aerospace industry and produces detail parts and subassemblies in hard metals, steel, inconel and titanium :


  • 2D laser trimming
  • Folding
  • Metal sheet working        
  • Dual-action deep drawing with press     
  • High pressure press forming     
  • Bending        
  • 5-axes cutting (3D laser trimming)



Hard Metal Sheet Metal

Lauak Group is specialized in sheet metal fabrication



Hard metal sheet metal parts

 Scuff Plate A350 AEROLIA Beak A400M DAHER SOCATA

 Scuff Plate A350 AEROLIA




Rib 8 A320 AIRBUS  Front angle strips A320 AIRBUS 

Rib 8 A320 AIRBUS


Front angle strips A320 AIRBUS


 Rib 4 A330 AIRBUS  Rib web 10 A320 AIRBUS
Rib 4 A330 AIRBUS Rib web 10 A320 AIRBUS