Machining for the aerospace industry

LAUAK Group boasts more 50 CNC machines for the production of detail parts and subassemblies.


Our areas of expertise :

  • 4 and 5-axis aluminium machining
  • 4 and 5-axis titanium machining
  • Long bed machining (up to 4,500 mm)
  • Precision machining


Our means of production :

  • 41 machining centres CN 3 axis,4 axis and 5 axis
  • 1 3-axis turn-mill centre  
  • 1 robotic turn-mill centre
  • 8 turning-milling centres


Aluminium machining Lauak Group Aluminium machining
Hard Metal Sheet Metal machining Lauak Group  Hard Metal machining
Precision Sheet Metal Lauak Group