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Bangalore 6th International Air Show IndiaBangalore 6th International Air Show (India)


Meeting between Mr A.K. SAXENA, Managing Director, HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) and Jean-Marc CHARRITTON, LAUAK Group CEO.









 jean-marc Charriton,PDG du Groupe LauakReception after the rugby match France – Wales on 17 February 2007











Jean-Marc CHARRITTON, PDG du Groupe LAUAK distinguĂ©Jean-Marc CHARRITTON, CEO, LAUAK Group,  is listed among the 50 movers and shakers in the Basque Country, according to “CĂ´te Basque” Magazine











Le Groupe LAUAK dans l’espaceLAUAK in Space


"In a few months’ time, highly sophisticated parts made at the heart of the Basque Country will be in orbit around the earth, as part of the International Space Station"....

(SUD-OUEST, 7 March 2007)







Le Bourget International Air Show

Record attendance at the LAUAK GROUP stand during the Paris International Air Show.


The visitors were particularly interested in the new capacities offered by the Group, notably the opening of the Bayonne facilities equipped with the most powerful metal forming press AVURE FLEXIFORM (48.000 T, 3X1,1 m) in the European aerospace industry.


 LAUAK au Salon International du Bourget 2007  Salon International du Bourget 2007



LAUAK PORTUGUESA presented in the Portuguese press

"The company has achieved a high degree of competitiveness due to its flexibility and the motivation of its highly skilled workforce."


(EXPRESSO,15 october 2007)


 LAUAK PORTUGUESA prĂ©sentĂ© par la presse portugaise  LAUAK PORTUGUESA prĂ©sentĂ© par la presse portugaise



LAUAK PORTUGUESA récompenséLAUAK PORTUGUESA receives an award


(SUD-OUEST, 29 october 2007)










Coupe du Monde de Rugby 2007LAUAK Group displays 4 aluminium sculptures during the Rugby World Cup


(AIR & COSMOS, november2007)








Lauak partenaire de la Coupe du Monde de Rugby 2007

sculptures Lauak pour la Coupe du Monde de rugby 2007



LAUAK PORTUGUESA Ă©lue PME 2006LAUAK PORTUGUESA  elected SME of the year 2006


( AIR & COSMOS, 16 november 2007)










Jean-Marc CHARRITTON is listed among the 2007 leaders in the Aquitaine region

(OBJECTIF AQUITAINE, décember 2007)

Article OBJECTIF AQUITAINE sur Jean-Marc Charritton Article OBJECTIF AQUITAINE sur le Groupe LAUAK






Jean-Marc Charritton, PDG du Groupe LAUAK Groupe Lauak, Ă  Ayherre au Pays Basque