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sponsoring rugby Lauak Group

LAUAK Group partner of the Meeting of Biarritz Rugby - Toulouse of February 10th, 2012 at the Aguiléra Stage of Biarritz.

(Photo : Agusti Waltary, Mr. Bonnefons, Michel Etcheverry, Jean-Marc Charritton, Mikel Charritton, Romain Terrain)










LAUAK Group partner of l'Isle-Jourdain rugby team

Evening show Michel Etcheverry organized by the USL Rugby and the Tennis-Club lislois with the support of LAUAK Group.

(Dépêche du Midi, 6 april 2012)











Visit in the buildings of LAUAK Group

Visit in the buildings of LAUAK Group, on April 13th, 2012, of Jean-Marie Berckmans, Pierre Durruty, Xalbat Charriton, Bernard Etchart.













Jean-Marc Charritton, LAUAK Group CEO Jean-Marc Charritton, LAUAK Group CEO, among the “15 owners who instigate the activity of the Pays Basque”.

(L'Expansion, july 2012)











LAUAK Group Participation of LAUAK Group in the tournament of the companies at the time of the Rebated joint Beach Rugby Festival.














Contract for LAUAK Group on the market of A380

Contract for LAUAK Group on the market of A380

(Sud-Ouest, 10 september 2012)












LAUAK Group and TopMicron LAUAK Group repurchases TopMicron.

(Air & Cosmos, 5 october 2012)











Lauak Portuguesa gains the export priceLauak Portuguesa gains the export price decreed by the Chamber of commerce and industry of Lisbon.














Jean-Marc Charritton, LAUAK Group CEOJean-Marc Charritton, LAUAK Group CEO, talent 2012 of the Objective-Aquitaine Magazine.