Non-Destructive Testing

Prior to assembly, a complete range of tests and inspections are carried out by LAUAK Group to track and control the occurrence of defects during operation. The inspections include dimensional, three-dimensional control (3D scanner, bras de measures),  non-destructive testing (dye penetrant inspection, X-rays) and tests (pressure test benches etc…).



Three-Dimensional controlThree-dimensional control Lauak Group

  • 3D ROMER Scanner (Polyworks Software)
  • ROMER measuring arms
  • 5 Machining control means

        (capacity max 1 200 x 3 000 x 1 000 mm)



non destructiVE TESTINGX-Ray non-destructive testing Lauak Group

  • Dye penetrant inspection : Cofrend-cosac dye penetrant level 3
  • X-ray : Cofrend-cosac X-rays level 3
  • Borescope inspection OR leak proof test


TESTsWaterproof tests LAUAK Group

  • HOUNSFIELD 50KN traction
  • Pressure test benches
  • Waterproof tests