Our values

For the past 35 years, LAUAK Group, driven by strong core values, has continuously expanded to become one of the European leaders in aircraft structures.


Mikel et Jean-Marc Charritton, Président et Directeur Général du Groupe LAUAK

Our values forge our identity and capture the ethos of the group to inspire our customers and employees.


These values have been set from the beginning by the founder of the company, Jean-Marc Charritton, and are shared by his son, Mikel Charritton.


They underpin the solid relationships that LAUAK Group has established with its business partners, its employees and the society.




Proud of their Basque roots and identity, LAUAK employees are totally committed, in their daily work, to ensuring that our group remains competitive and productive.



Hard work 

Hard work, solidarity and courage are all references shared within LAUAK Group.



Team spirit

As a value deeply embedded in LAUAK’s culture and management practices, team spirit is essential to the relationship we build with our customers. We move forward and work together to succeed and reach performance targets.



Jean-Marc Charritton, président du Groupe LAUAK

Industrial performance

LAUAK Group has developed a performance culture

(delivery and quality) guaranteeing long lasting activities and growth.  

We continuously invest in industrialization processes to meet our customers’ expectations and adapt to market development. 





Customer satisfaction

LAUAK Group is convinced that a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs and expectations is essential. We consider that customer care and satisfaction play a key role in delivering efficient and high-quality services and in boosting our image as a first-tier partner of the leading aircraft manufacturers.



Keeping to our word

Without trust, it is not possible to build long-standing relationships. LAUAK Group has developed customer relations based on trust and we are proud to keep to our words and commitments.