Our values

For the past 40 years, LAUAK Group, driven by strong core values, has continuously expanded to become one of the European leaders in aircraft structures.


Mikel et Jean-Marc Charritton, Président et Directeur Général du Groupe LAUAK

Our values forge our identity and capture the ethos of the group to inspire our customers and employees.


These values have been set from the beginning by the founder of the company, Jean-Marc Charritton, and are shared by his son, Mikel Charritton.


They underpin the solid relationships that LAUAK Group has established with its business partners, its employees and the society.




We demonstrate, day by day, that is possible to sustain strong growth without sacrificing our integrity and ethics. Displaying integrity means to be honest and respect the rules and duties we have.




We know to take a step back to progress and improve our organization in order to be always more efficient.




We respect our commitment and we involve ourselves to meet partners’ needs and expectations. This involvement participates in the confidence of our customers.



Jean-Marc Charritton, président du Groupe LAUAK


We are endeavoring to combine flexibility and reactivity in our exchanges to satisfy our customers.