Partner of the aerospace industry world leaders

Jean-Marc and Mikel CharrittonOur development has been largely driven by leading customers including the largest companies in the aerospace industry. We are proud that we have captured new markets, particularly AIRBUS with the A 380 APF and DASSAULT with the Section 3 for the Falcons 900 and 2000.

We attribute our performance to the expertise of our industrial facilities, our diversified and complementary skilled workforce and a sound financial and risk management.


Our customers trust the LAUAK Group as a committed partner to deliver long-term solutions for their innovative and ambitious projects.

It is our intention to pursue our policy of growth which has been a key to our success so far.


The construction of a 5000 m² new production facility, in 2014, on our historical site in the Basque country - which adds to the existing 45,000 m² - is an excellent example of our commitment.


Jean-Marc Charritton, LAUAK Group CEO