Partner of the aerospace industry world leaders

J-M-et-Mikel-CharrittonOver the last 40 years, our family business has been expanded by new know-how and expertise to become today a leading international company being one of the major subcontractors in the aerospace industry, in aerostructures and aero engines’ activities.

We deserve our performance to our centers of excellence settled by committed and dedicated employees. Our industrial know-how and our performances set our company up to a strategic partner as tier 1 and tier 2 supplier.


To respond to the needs of continuous agility and performance towards our clients, strength of our Group, we continue to approach our transformation through the implementation of “industry 4.0” that runs more efficiency productivity.


The trust of our customers allows us to support them in the product definition and offer them adapted solutions for a long-term partnership. A new center of excellence complements our total offer bringing Innovative Solutions.


We have many challenges ahead, starting with the international development, and we will rise them keeping in mind the values we stand for and that make up our DNA: humility, ethics, commitment and agility.


Jean-Marc Charritton, LAUAK Group CEO