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DETAIL parts, subassemblies and aircraft structures 

A first-tier sub-contractor for the aerospace industry, LAUAK Group manufactures detail parts, subassemblies and aircraft structures for the major contractors in the industry.


Our widely recognized know-how and high level of productivity allow us to serve the needs of our customers and assist them in their development. A trusted partner to the major aircraft manufacturers, LAUAK Group has become a first-tier supplier and a second-tier, building on:

  • A vertical integration strategy in the field of light alloys and hard metals to expand our global offer and enhance our skills;
  • An industrial organization based on a performance culture (delivery and quality) and continuousimprovement (lean manufacturing, industry 4.0);
  • With our expertise in sheet metal working, machining, non-destructive testing, welding and structural assembly, we are able to offer our customers a secure supply chain.



Detail parts, subassemblies and aircraft structures: