Sheet Metal

LAUAK Group specializes in sheet metal working for the aerospace industry.


A team of metal workers on the Lauak site in Ayherre-Hasparren and on the Lauak Portugal site and produce detail parts and subassemblies in hard metals, steel, inconel and titanium..



To deliver solutions to the most exacting requirements and to increase its productivity, LAUAK Group has invested in highly specialized equipment, making our industrial facilities highly efficient:


  • Acquisition of a laser 5-axis cutting machine TRUMPF (4000x1500x750 mm) ;
  • Acquisition of a high pressure forming press, ASEA type, very powerful (48,000t/1,000 bars) equipped with 2 tables size : 3m x 1.10m. 
  • Acquisition of 2 Hot forming and Super Plastic Forming machines (1800 x 1500 mm).


High pressure forming press, ASEA type

laser 5-axis cutting machine TRUMPF