Winning on all fronts!

Team spirit, initiative and hard work are key values both in the factory and on the sports ground.




Jean-Marc and Mikel CHARRITTON are passionate about rugby. LAUAK has always supported rugby, the traditional sport in the Basque country.

LAUAK Group shows as much energy, determination and solidarity as a rugby team. In both cases, collective performance is a prerequisite for success.

Since 2000, LAUAK Group has been a partner of several rugby teams and has sponsored European H-cup matches and French Top-14 tournaments.


Biarritz Olympique Pays Basque

sponsorship rugby Lauak Group

Aviron Bayonnais Rugby

Aviron Bayonnais rugby Lauak Group


US L’Isle-Jourdain Rugby

Isle-Jourdain Rugby Club


Others teams

Rugby sponsorship Lauak Group




Basque Pelota

Lauak Group partner of the pelota

Partner of the pelota, LAUAK Group helps perpetuate an authentic tradition.


LAUAK sponsors Waltary Agusti Alonso named “El fenomenal”, a Cuban Basque pelota player.


Lauak Group partner of the pelota 

The Group also sponsored the 2012 Championship, bare hand, in trinquete, pro individual elite.




Motor Racing

rallye sponsorship Lauak GroupLAUAK Group sponsors the Buggy Passion crew who is part of the 2012-2013 French Cross-Country Rallies Championship.


The Buggy Passion pair, Mathieu Hirigoyen and Jon Charriton, is competing in the French Cross-Country Rallies Championship for the 10th time… a competition with no less than 9 race events all over France.



« A pair with many qualities… Passion, rigour, skills and motivation. »