Structural Assembly

LAUAK Group specializes in the production of aircraft subassemblies and complex subsets for the aerospace industry.



Industrial site of Eskulanak in Ayherre-Hasparren

Assembly for aerospace industry Lauak Group


LAUAK Group handles subassemblies, complex subsets and riveted assembly and has obtained customer certification from the major aerospace manufacturers and suppliers.


  • Structural and additional fuel tanks
  • Cockpit components         
  • Fuselage sections



Assembly Falcon 900 Lauak Group


Fuselage section Dassault Aviation


80 operators specialized in the production of subassemblies on the industrial sites of Eskulanak in Ayherre-Hasparren and Lauak Portuguesa.



Assembly Falcon aircraft Dassault Aviation

Fuel tank assembly Lauak Group