Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsability

Jean-Marc Charritton, LAUAK Group CEO


Fully aware of its responsibility towards its customers, suppliers, employees and the community, LAUAK Group has introduced a proactive policy to contribute to sustainable development and improve its performance, economically, socially and environmentally.

Security and environment are two key elements in the development of the LAUAK Group.



LAUAK Group has created a security culture for the health and safety of its employees and partners and is committed to controlling the impact of the group’s activities on the environment. To do so, the group has adopted the following approach:


  • They ensure that the way they design their facilities and operate their business is in compliance with the current regulations ;
  • They provide effective prevention of accidents and guarantee the control of risks ;
  • They take account of the environmental requirements and the REACH regulation ;
  • They continuously improve their overall environmental performance through the application of the ISO 14001 v 2004 standard.


Nursery Lauak Group



LAUAK Group has adopted socially responsible values and practices. For example, in 2003, the group created a day nursery on the Ayherre-Hasparren premises. Run by 7 child care workers, the « Urtxintxak » (squirrels in Basque) day nursery provides a child care solution for Lauak’s employees.