Why choose LAUAK ?

Vertical integration Lauak Group


Our vertical integration strategy in the fields of light alloys and hard metals has, over the past few years, allowed us to extend our global offer and our competencies.

With our expertise in sheet metal working, machining, non-destructive testing, welding and structural assembly, we are able to offer our customers a secure supply chain..




Investment capacity Lauak group


The rigorous management of our family group together with our solid financial position has led us to invest proactively in increasingly efficient equipment. We have also conducted a number of external growth operations such as the acquisition of EQUIP’AERO PRODUCTION in 2010 and the purchase of TOPMICRON in 2012.

These acquisitions have strengthened our operational capacity in precision and long bed machining.




Industrial performance Lauak Group

INDUSTRIAL Performance 

Our recognized know-how and our excellent productivity have positioned the group in high value-added activities. Our industrial organization is based on a performance culture (delivery and quality) and continuous improvement, through the implementation of lean manufacturing.





Human resources Lauak Group

humaN RESOURCes 

A management team has recently joined our leadership and reinforced the group’s managerial capacity. We place the greatest importance on the competence of our teams. This is why we have a consistent and voluntary policy commitment to professional development and training.


Also, our project division, with its dedicated team, has fostered greater efficiency in the management of new markets.




Cost optimization Lauak Group


Cost optimization is achieved through the coordinated use of our sites in France and in Portugal.

The geographical and cultural proximity to our Portuguese company is paramount to us. Our subsidiary boasts a ready and available workforce which is trained and skilled, competitive and highly productive.




démarche qualité et certifications du Groupe Lauak

QualitY AND certifications 

Our Nadcap certifications for heat treatment, NDT and welding (surface treatment expected in 2014) consolidate the company EN 9100 certification, allow us to meet our customers’ expectations and are part of our international growth strategy. We are committed to maintaining high environmental standards and are preparing the ISO 14001 audit with a view to obtaining the certification in early 2014.



LAUAK Group, the durable partner of the aerospace industry world leaders