Job creation and the local recruitment of our staff are the basis of our active participation in the economic and social development of each area in which the group is located. The LAUAK Group supports the education and training of local people and makes it a point of honour to:

  • Host students in training, interns or students on apprenticeship contracts
  • Develop partnerships with the local employment actors, with local actors promoting the aeronautical industry and with schools and training centres.
  • Open its doors for site visits (schools, businesses, seminars, etc.) in order to make the new aeronautical industry known.
  • Participate in events promoting the industry (the jobs forum, seminars, aeronautical trade fairs, etc.)
  • Train job seekers to be able to hire them


The LAUAK Group is expanding. Its strong growth, changes to its occupations, its activities and its sites require continuous efforts regarding the qualifications and skills development of its staff achieved through the organisation of training. The LAUAK Group has chosen to ensure that training will lead to increased performance and contribute real value-added to its business.

  • In-house training given by tutors or training instructors to ensure that their know-how is passed on and to provide support to new members of staff.
  • Mixed in-house/outside training: The LAUAK Group works with the job centre and the Adour Atlantic Union of Metallurgical Industries and Trades (UIMM) to hire new talent.


In an increasingly complex and competitive environment, the LAUAK Group is developing ambitious projects in response to new industrial and technological challenges. This is why the LAUAK Group is continually seeking new talent and experienced staff able to find new challenges within the group and see their experience harnessed and valued. A talent management policy is being deployed to attract, recruit, train and develop our talents within the company.