In accordance with its general policy, the LAUAK Group is pursuing its process of continuously improving its environmental and energy performance by undertaking to:

  • Meet our regulatory compliance obligations
  • Prevent pollution and environmental impacts
  • Improve the energy performance of our activities
  • Promote good practices and preserve natural resources
  • Meet the expectations and needs of the interested parties
  • Involve all our partners in our continuous improvement process


1. Operate the management system within a logic of continuous improvement and compliance with the regulations

  • Establish and comply with the regulatory compliance timeframes
  • Perform internal audits according to the defined schedule
  • Control the aqueous and atmospheric discharges resulting from our activities
  • Monitor water consumption (drinking and industrial) to avoid any excesses

2. Develop the environmental and energy culture with respect to our staff and external partners

  • Heighten awareness among newcomers and regularly renew awareness measures
  • Communicate our approach to our service providers and subcontractors on Environmental / Energy issues

3. Improve environmental and energy performance

  • Reduce the overall quantity of our waste and increase the proportion recycled
  • Reduce our energy consumption
  • Reduce our CO2 emissions from travel by people