The LAUAK Group is aware of all its societal responsibilities.
Out of ethical conviction, respecting the family values of the group, the Group LAUAK is engaged strategically in deploying a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy with respect to partners (employees, customers, staff, suppliers, institutions and fellow citizens) in the areas of:

  • Ethics

    As a key value of the group, the LAUAK Group is aware of the importance of its ethical commitment, of acting with integrity and honesty with respect to all its partners and staff.

  • Social

    The LAUAK Group has a dynamic policy with respect to its staff in order to offer them a working environment in which they can fully express themselves. We establish open and transparent social dialogue and an ambitious talent development policy. The group strives to respect the equality of women and men within it and notes the fruits of its action plan with an index at 89/100 for the year 2022*.

  • Environment

    ISO 14001 certified, and more recently ISO 50001, the LAUAK Group wishes to be and become an even more responsible actor, anxious to reduce its environmental impact.

*(34/40 on the pay gap, 20/20 on individual increment gaps, 15/15 on promotion gaps, 15/15 on the percentage of employees increased upon return from maternity leave and 5/10 on the under-represented gender among the 10 highest paid).