For nearly 50 years, the LAUAK Group has developed, backed by strong values, to become today one of the European leaders in the field of aerostructures and aero engines.

These values have been present at all stages of the company’s history. They are those of its creator, Jean-Marc Charritton, and his son Mikel Charritton.

They reflect the way in which the LAUAK Group today develops its relations with its partners, its employees and its environment.

  • Agility

    Responsiveness, efficiency and a short signature circuit means we can make decisions fast in order to best respond to the situations we face and our customers’ requirements.

  • Ethics

    Honesty and integrity are the principles that dictate our conduct and reflect our desire for fairness. We must demonstrate exemplary and proper behaviour in our work.

  • Commitment

    Pugnacity and determination must be harnessed to keeping our word.
    We are all committed to performance.

  • Humility

    We overcome any mistakes, making us stronger and better prepared for the challenges ahead. This does not mean lacking ambition, but having large realistic and controlled projects. Both careful and bold, we accept the need to question how we do things by continually seeking improvements to achieve excellence.