In view of its strong growth and the evolution of its businesses and locations, the LAUAK Group pays a great deal of attention to the qualification and development of its employees’ skills, in particular through in-house training and mentoring.

QUALIOPI certified since 2022, the LAUAK Group has chosen to place training at the service of performance to bring real added value to its business.

Quality certification has been awarded for the following category of action : TRAINING ACTION 

  • In-house training

Through tutors and apprenticeship masters, the LAUAK Group provides in-house training to ensure that know-how is passed on and to support new employees.

  • Specific in-house training

Thanks to its QUALIOPI certification, the LAUAK Group is able to provide training in manual TIG welding to ISO 24394.

  • Mixed training – Internal/External

The LAUAK Group works in partnership with Pôle Emploi and the Union des Métiers de la Métallurgie (UIMM) Adour Atlantique to recruit and train new talent, notably through POEI (Préparation Opérationnelle à l’Emploi Individuelle) and PEOC (Préparation Opérationnelle à l’Emploi Collective) contracts.