Pierre, Boilermaker

Production Department

Hello, my name is Pierre BIDONDO. I arrived here 7 years ago, as a temporary worker, I didn’t have a diploma or anything. In-house, I was trained in boilermaking.
Thanks to the fact that the LAUAK Group has several customers like DASSAULT AVIATION, AIRBUS and others, we can make lots of different parts and never the same thing.

Clément, Boilermaker
Production Department

My name is Clément LOPEZ, and I have an Industrial Boilermaking diploma for which I did a BAC PRO. I joined the LAUAK Group 5 years ago. I’ve been able to progress within the company. I started with simple boilermaking, working with aluminum, then moved on to hard metals like titanium and inconel. Finally, I moved on to fitting and welding. As we’re a multi-customer business, there are all kinds of ranges and parts. It’s never the same job, and it’s nice to be able to change parts and see lots of different things.

David, Quality Technician
Quality Department

I’m David LABORDE, 43 years old.I joined the LAUAK Group in 1998 as a structural fitter.I then had the opportunity to become a structural inspector.I’m currently Welding Quality Referent.My job is to analyze non-conformities and take action to prevent any further non-conformities.
Since I joined the LAUAK Group, I’ve always been supported and supervised at every change of position by senior staff who have passed on their know-how to me. Today, I’m the one taking over and training the newcomers.
Through this report, I’d like to bear witness to the fact that career development is possible and that LAUAK trusts its employees by helping them to develop their skills.

David, Special Processes Manager
Quality Department

Hello, my name is David LISSARAGUE, and I’m 45 years old.I joined the LAUAK Group over 20 years ago. They were looking for a quality assistant, and I initially took on the position on an interim basis. Then there was the same need for industrial radiography for a new tank that had joined LAUAK, for which we subcontracted the service. I passed a Level 2 in X-ray radiography, then there was a gradual evolution where in 2005 there was a need to have an in-house Level 3 to avoid subcontracting services. The same thing happened in 2007, with a Level 3 in radiography.
I’ve been able to progress gradually in-house, and have been lucky enough to be able to take these training courses and exams.

Vincent, Accounts receivable manager
Sales Department

Hello, my name is Vincent. I was lucky enough to join the LAUAK Group 16 years ago, as a fitter on a tank assembly line.I was lucky enough to be able to progress within the company, notably through departments such as procurement, in direct contact with our customers and suppliers.Today, I’m in charge of a team of 5 account managers, who are in direct contact with our customers.

I think that whatever qualifications you have, you’re always in a position to demonstrate, in the field, what you’re worth through your motivation.

Peio, Supply Correspondent
Supply Chain Department

My name is Peio LARRALDE, I’m 28 years old, I’m a professional barehand pelota player and an employee of the LAUAK Group.
I work in the Supply chain department for the Portugal plant.
The opportunity offered by the LAUAK Group, as a top-level sportsman, is to be able to combine two projects. On a day-to-day basis, it’s incredibly easy.

Bixente, Tool designer
Technical Department

My name is Bixente LARRALDE, I’m 24 years old and I’ve been working for LAUAK for exactly 3 years.
I joined as a method preparer, which involves preparing and drawing up the entire operating sequence for a part.
I feel very much at home here. As a result, my brother and I became French professional champions this year. It’s really incredible, and we’re happy to be working here.